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“What the spirits choose, who are we to go against it? Things happen for reasons, Nightsong. You’ll realize this soon enough.”

A Blaze of Spirit and Dreams

Think… Hunger Games, but without people and only supernatural creatures.

Enter into the world of Eldritch. Overseen by the Mother Goddess, who is as loving and benevolent as she is, hard and demanding. Where things aren’t what they seem and dark and danger lurks in every shadowy crevice. Liekki knows that her world is just a dreamscape that hides the true horror underneath. Still, being the champion in the trials for her kind is no simple task. Especially when she is hated by everyone. Can she help save her kind even at the risk of dying to keep them from being cursed for another 100 years?

Banished Dark Gods. Whispering Shadows. Unbridled Chaos.

An ancient feud between gods has reawakened and spilled over into the realm of mortals.

Zaiyel and Torya, twins and heirs to House Asante, never imagined they would need to leave the safety of the Timeless Isles. Not until everything changed after their last Change of Season rites. Favored by the goddess Amesis, the twins gained more than what they hoped for, and secretly wondered if it was too good for them.

Dark tidings have reached their sacred land, and abroad, forbidden deeds have been set in motion that had been long prophesied. Together, they must embark on a journey across the waters to Oshanon, to find a fabled Guardian, long thought dead, and along the way, help clear the land from the shadows and madness that has befallen its people.

Things aren’t as they appear. People fear what is coming. The twins must be careful not to succumb to the chaos and darkness. If they fail, their one small misstep could cause catastrophic effects and send their entire world into a downward spiral, destroying all in its path.

D.L. Howard’s Realm of Chaos

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