Escape Into Another World

Looking for a new adventure? Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered! From everything to epic fantasy, to reaping souls and destroying demons at a university for necromancers. There’s never a dull moment around here!

In fact… it’s a little chaotic!

Incurring the Wrath of a Dark Witch is Dangerous For All.

With the help of an unexpected ally, Nthanda risks her life and tries to escape the horrid clutches of her captors. Full of rage, fueled by hate, Nthanda and her companions forge a path through the realms, unleashing wrath and havoc on the deserving, all the while trying to stay a step ahead of her enemies. With the fate of the world in her hands, can she stop the impending war and find a way to bring balance back to the lands? Or will everything be lost…

A Reckoning Is Coming.

Not all who dwell in the light is good and not all who thrive in darkness is bad. The world teeters on the edge of oblivion waiting… Can Nthanda be the arbiter the land needs while not losing herself in the process?

Banished Dark Gods. Whispering Shadows. Unbridled Chaos.

Zaiyel and Torya, twins and heirs to House Asante, never imagined they would need to leave the safety of the Timeless Isles. Not until everything changed after their last Change of Season rites. Favored by the goddess Amesis, the twins gained more than what they hoped for, and secretly wondered if it was good for them.

An ancient feud between gods has reawakened and spilled over into the realm of mortals.

Dark tidings reached their sacred land, and abroad, forbidden deeds have been set in motion that had been long prophesied. Together, they must embark on a journey across the waters to Oshanon, to find a fabled Guardian, long thought dead, and along the way, help clear the land from the shadows and madness that has befallen its people.

Welcome to Shadowcrest University

Zazi Ravendark had always lived her life in two different worlds. The supernatural one, and the human one. Being the youngest of the Ravendark House, an outcast mage family, she thought nothing about it. She considered herself a ‘normie’. Or that was what she thought. It wasn’t until she started to see things she shouldn’t have been able to, when her ‘normie’ world came crashing down. Also, getting a hand delivered invitation to attend the prestigious Shadowcrest University of Magical Arts and Reaping aka Reaper University didn’t help matters either. Now the world has gone to crap. Among the havoc and chaos, she, along with her crew of fellow misfits and outcast friends, must figure out who’s the culprit behind it all, while making sure she still passes her classes.

College can be soul draining sometimes…

Can a thief save a corrupt society?

Once she steps through the door of her house, there’s no turning back. What will she find out about herself? Will it be enough to save the Vulpiians from the corruption that could doom them all?

Zahra, a wolf shifter of the Shadow Wolves pack, is determined to find out why her people are disappearing in alarming numbers when no one else believes it’s an issue. When a fellow pack member brings evidence to her about the location of the missing, Zahra doesn’t hesitate to enlist a few others in her pack to help search for the forgotten. Her hunts lead her down into a deep spiral of deceit and treachery, double dealing mages, deadly vampires, and a government with dangerous knowledge that could change the face of society worldwide.

Never piss off a Necro.

Iris aka Enigma is a retired necromancer for hire. Once the one to get for all of your undead needs, now she works on her own time. During her glory days, she created a few enemies along the way. Enemies with very long memories. At a job gone haywire, Enigma was injured, then learned she was cursed. Now, she has seven days and seven nights to figure out who cursed her, how to remove the deadly curse, or die. One week of pure unholy hell for all those who stand in her way.