The Unholy Witch Wars Duology

War is brewing and Nthanda, a child of the dark, unknowingly, is at the center of it all. Well loved by many in her homeland, there are those who grow jealous and tired of the witchling and the long time rule of her family. Betrayed and kidnapped by rivals, she’s sold to her blood enemies across the seas. 
With the help of an unexpected ally, Nthanda, risks her life and tries to escape the horrid clutches of her captors. Full of rage, fueled by hate, Nthanda and her companions, forge a path through the realms unleashing wrath and havoc on the deserving all the while trying to stay a step ahead of her enemies. With the fate of the world in her hands, can she stop the impending war and find a way to bring balance back to the lands? 
Or will everything be lost…
A reckoning is coming.
Free from the steel grasps of Godspeaker Nelioz, Nthanda is back home with an entire set of old and new problems. She’s free but her once enemy turned ally and friend, Nessya, has been captured and imprisoned. She must find a way to fight and get her back because in the Kingdom of Roshan, no one is safe. Especially, after Godspeaker Nelioz declared war between Light and Dark witches. He hunts down those of Enyxias and persecutes them with perverse glee.
Meanwhile, an old prophecy gnaws at her mind and Nthanda’s growing powers are out of control. She must find a way to manage it or succumb to its destructive nature. The only way to get her powers in check and solve the riddle to the prophecy that could bring balance to the world, requires her to journey back to Roshan, trekking deep into the dangerous Desert of Elios.
Not all who dwell in the light is good and not all who thrive in darkness is bad. The world teeters on the edge of oblivion waiting…
Can Nthanda be the arbiter the land needs while not losing herself in the process?

Reaper University

Zazi Ravendark is new to her magical inheritance, she is way behind her fellow peers at the school, and the learning curve is steep.

While there, she must learn to use and control her magic, but her studies are interrupted when the gate to the underworld is slowly forced open.

Demons, twisted souls, and powerful shades attacks the academy, prominent magic territories, and human cities.

Among the havoc and chaos, she along with her crew of fellow misfits and outcast friends, must figure out who’s the culprit behind it all, while making sure she still passes her classes.

College can be soul draining sometimes…

When Shadows Fall

Banished Dark Gods. Whispering Shadows. Unbridled Chaos.

An ancient feud between gods has reawakened and spilled over into the realm of mortals.

Zaiyel and Torya, twins and heirs to House Asante, never imagined they would need to leave the safety of the Timeless Isles. Not until everything changed after their last Change of Season rites. Favored by the goddess Amesis, the twins gained more than what they hoped for, and secretly wondered if it was good for them.

Dark tidings reached their sacred land, and abroad, forbidden deeds have been set in motion that had been long prophesied. Together, they must embark on a journey across the waters to Oshanon, to find a fabled Guardian, long thought dead, and along the way, help clear the land from the shadows and madness that has befallen its people.

Things aren’t as they appear. People fear what is coming. The twins must be careful not to succumb to the chaos and darkness. If they fail, their one small misstep could cause catastrophic effects and send their entire world into a downward spiral, destroying all in its path.

The light of the world is dying. Can it be saved?

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Stand Alone Novellas & Kindle Vella Stories

Since the dawn of man, magic and its creatures lived side by side with humanity, hidden in the world’s darkest corners and crevices.
Now threatened… their hidden world and secrets is on the verge of being revealed.
Among the multitude of different shifter species, many of their young and old have gone missing and never seen again. Can Zahra and her crew figure out why the shifters are missing all while not getting captured?
Can they prevent the world from learning the truth about the magical society hidden in plain sight before it’s too late…
Iris aka Enigma is a retired necromancer for hire. Once the one to get for all of your undead needs, now she works on her own time. During her glory days, she created a few enemies along the way. Enemies with very long memories. At a job gone haywire, Enigma was injured then learned she was cursed. Now, she has seven days and seven nights to figure out who cursed her, how to remove the deadly curse, or die. One week of pure unholy hell for all those who stand in her way. Never piss off a Necro.
An ongoing serial series on Kindle Vella!